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  • Demolition and sorting grabs

    Quality that grabs you

    If you had to sum up SkanCraft demolition and sorting grabs in one word, then it would have to be quality. Our grabs are specially designed for picking up demolition materials and waste. Attached to an excavator, they can selectively pick up – just like a human “hand” – large bits of wood, piping, iron and steel, concrete, insulation, and more piece by piece. Buildings undergoing demolition are broken down and separated into their original components. From the top floor to the basement, the grabs allow you to carefully sort out the different building materials, which is becoming increasingly important for waste disposal and recycling.

    Thanks to their extremely robust steel construction and design, Skancraft demolition and sorting grabs are tough and can handle any demolition job. Their high closing force and a powerful motor are additional impressive features.
    Dies wiederum führt zu niedrigen Betriebskosten.

    SkanCraft grabs are the result of many decades of experience and continuous product improvement.

    This expertise makes it possible to manufacture top quality grabs that are extremely tough and wear-resistant, which means that fewer material reserves are needed.
    You can rely on the reliability and durability of SkanCraft grabs even for the toughest of jobs.

    Powerful advantages

    Non-return valves for the hydraulic cylinder ensure that once the material is picked up or loaded, it does not fall back out.

    A strong hydraulic cylinder with a large piston rod and a high level of stability is far superior to the grabs that are equipped with two smaller ones. A cylinder has a greater closing force and is more resistant to deformation.

    Fewer but larger pivot points ensure lower bolt and liner wear, thus keeping operating costs low.

    Slewing ring and powerful rotation motor.

    Standard attachment blade.

    Jagged side panels on each side provide for more “grip” in the Material recording.

    The completely from Hardox made Shells are extremely wear and of torsion.

    The component shelf is closed completely. Thus, the inner technology from damage by demolition material such as iron, stones or wood protected.

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