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Annoying weeds along paths, roads and sidewalks, in town squares and between cobblestones are an undesired side effect of spring and summer weather.

Using the SkanCraft weed brush, you can eliminate all these weeds simply and in an environmentally- friendly manner without using chemicals and herbicides.

It cuts and sometimes even removes annoying weeds and plants from the roots so they can’t grow back. The remaining breeding ground for new weed growth is thus wiped out along sidewalk edges and joints, thus considerably reducing new weed growth.

The SkanCraft weed brush is not only suitable for getting rid of weeds, it can also be effectively used for removing large chunks of dirt, sand and gravel from the building site.

Special Advantages

  • Efficiently removes unwanted weeds and grasses
  • Environmentally friendly, no chemicals or herbicides needed
  • Easily removes large chunks of dirt, sand and gravel from building sites

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