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Rotating Grapple Bucket

The innovation with rotation

The new SkanCraft rotating grapple bucket is the first in a new and improved generation of demolition and sorting grabs.
The innovative and versatile excavator attachment is setting new standards.

This combination rotating bucket and grapple leaves nothing to be desired. The benefits of various special attachments have been bundled together into one ingenious excavator attachment. It digs, grabs and rotates in addition, the device is still 360 ° rotatable.

Digging, grabbing and rotating has never been so easy. The SkanCraft rotating grapple bucket is an absolute superior piece of equipment for hydraulics engineering, road construction, clearing scenes of a fire as well as waste disposal and recycling.
It is ultra efficient especially for building stone walls and stone layering because it can pick up stones carefully and move them somewhere else. Filling material can be removed [HH2]using the bucket function without changing attachments. This means that alternating work steps can be performed without much effort – saving time and money.

Impressive qualities

  • Rotating bucket with additional function as grapple means you don’t have to change out attachments.
  • Precisely handles large and small rocks and stones. The unique shape of the grapple allows large blocks with smooth surfaces to be easily picked up and moved.
  • Its high clamping force ensures that it can firmly grip even big bulky stones.
  • Wear-resistant reinforcements made of hardox.
  • precise handling
  • Very powerful and robust rotator.

Reinforced and serrated side sections on the grapple and bucket shell make it easy to pick up all kinds of materials.
This massive piece of equipment is designed for heavy duty construction and demolition work. Movable parts are torsion-resistant, durable and easy to maintain.
The grapple is designed so that the technology located in housing is protected. In addition, the bucket’s grapple can widen to a maximum of 2200 mm.

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