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  • Dust binding system

    …clean Air

    A large amount of dust emissions arise in the air especially during demolition work and recycling. These particles often pose a large problem.

    Dust develops in every corner when old buildings are demolished. Brickwork and concrete are the main causes in that area. This is especially a serious problem in residential areas, not only since the fine dust settles everywhere, but the particulate matter is also a health hazard when inhaled.

    Dust does not only arise during demolitions or when clearing burned areas, but also when recycling rocks and concrete.
    Vast amounts of particulate matter are under way in the course of larger hall conversions or partial demolitions.

    Till now, one tried to combat dust by spraying it with water, often resulting in little success and high costs.

    SkanCraft offers a convincing solution

    The dust binding system ensures less dirt in the air, is beneficial to health and the environment and may be applied flexibly.

    Dust with Advantages

    • Fewer dust particles in the air, as these are bound by the sprayed fog of the machine.
    • Better work conditions especially through the reduction of particulate matter.
    • Thanks to the fine fog, no moisture develops on the ground, thus there is no resulting mud.
    • Substantially less water is consumed than when spraying with a water jet.
    • Staff costs for conventional spraying is omitted.
    • Reduced burden on the machines especially on the air filters.
    • Mobile application in indoor and outdoor areas.

    Water- nothing else!

    The SkanCraft dust binding system is simply brought to the construction site, power and water connected – and it is ready for action.

    Mobile or fixed – both are possible!

    In addition to a flexible applicationat the construction site, a fixed installation for a plant operation is possible as desired at any time.

    Work with destriction

    Thanks to the large range of the dust binding system of up to 65 meters, demolition work may be conducted without restrictions.

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